Analog to DSD vinyl and MoFi

September 8, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

6 comments on “Analog to DSD vinyl and MoFi”

  1. Hey Paul . love your show…………….i like the fact that your top end components would fit my Target audio racks.the only problem is you BHK preamp only has 5 analog or 5 balanced inputs. 5 total sadly
    So if you figure 2 phono imputs , 1 tuner input , 2 aux inputs ie; cd , and finally 2 tape inputs and outputs
    do you guys make a input selector, outboard . I know Mac has tons of inputs but they are massive

    thx Paul

  2. Hi Paul,

    Totally agree with you.
    Total no-brainer to make a transfer from analogue tape to DSD. I seem to recall that was the original purpose – for Sony to archive their analogue tape library.
    The problem is MoFi have remastered these transfers which infers mixing to some degree, which infers I assume, a conversion of the DSD transfers into PCM, the dreaded digital word that has vinyl folk going apoplectic with shock!

  3. I think it’s quite cool that Mofi sought out quality masters, went on-site, made DSD transfers of sometimes even the back up master (safety master).
    They deserve respect for the chosen process.

    And yeah, the audiophile community has made a tempest in a teacup over this.

    I have not purchased any of the new stuff yet, but likely will.

    octave has the luxury of never messing with a medium as constraining as tape.
    So, the vinyl that I have sounds nearly as good as a DSD playback thru my Lumin streamer.

    So happy I found Octave Records.

  4. This MOFi thing was much to do about nothing. I owned them and my friends also did and enjoyed the way they sounded, then they read this overhyped MoFi using DSD in the chain and they think they suck. Truth is that many years, ALL music companies started to transfer the remaining analog tapes to digital to SAVE them from further damage and deterioration. This was not hidden from the public, much like the Academy of Flim preservation and been doing for years, saving older classics films. Thank god for digital and all the benefits it has brought. I heard Beatles pure analog on MoFi in the late 70s and you already could hear how the analog tapes were degrading, tape hiss, dropouts, etc. The best Beatles ever released was the British “Blue” Boxset LPs. That was the Beatles’ sound for good and bad, they were pure mono also when recorded that way. Due to EQ’ing, the new ones sound flat and they did a lot of work on those LPs also using digital to overcome what they faced on old analog tape. Think of the great recordings on tape from the 1950’s you be looking at 72-year-old tapes if we only had LPs still how do you think they sound today if released again after 72 years? The CD was the best thing to happen to music because back then because it was new the labels released recordings that they had not released in years due to lack of sales, everyone who wanted those recordings already owned them, the titles I saw people would have had to go to record convention in hopes of finding a decent copy. I started buying CDs in the 90s when I could not tell a recording when I played my LP and then on the CD that was done using the master tape, dynamics were better as well as bass on the CD, and the background was much darker with better mico detail. I still buy CDs and I grew up on vinyl and had a huge collection of 1st pressing, I never looked back. Streaming is the big thing now days but streaming music to me or downing loading is like watching a movie in HD or 4K streamed and then putting the same movie in the 4K Blu-Ray player, the dsic kills the stream not even close, sound wise also. But if you like streaming that is fine or old vinyl. Point is to enjoy music. I was so baised against CD that I never gave it a listen till the mid 90’s but I am glad I did. 1,500 CD and counting.

  5. What I want is not the master recording because number one it’s been played multiple times like Paul said and it degrades with each playback. Number two I’m never going to get the master recording…lol. What I do want is an unopened or barley used first pressing LP that was cut as early as possible while the master tapes were barely used. Burn those to a gold CD or DSD for listening so I don’t deteriorate the LP. Unfortunate there was no DSD back when many of the master tapes were made to preserve those tapes and those tapes have been used many times, so the key is to find the unopened or barely used first pressing LP’s. They probably sound better than the master tape. Going to pay out your ass for those though.

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