Advantages and disadvantages of separate subwoofers

November 25, 2021
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “Advantages and disadvantages of separate subwoofers”

  1. Just a small question Paul. Are those plants that reside near your Abfusors there for additional diffusion or just aesthetics (since I’m sure you have “walk-n” customers audition components in your new room–trying, perhaps, to make the room feel more “home-like” and less “industrial” for their comfort).

  2. I’ve had both and, for me, the advantages of built in subs far outweigh the disadvantages. It’s easy enough to position for good bass and good imaging, etc. and not have cable running all over the place.

    1. Good evening Secretguy!
      Perhaps you can tell me if I’m doing this right or not.
      In my bed room, I have a pare of JBL LSR-310S powered subwoofers.
      I have each one in each corner of my room at the foot of my bed.
      But also, I have a quod of Avantone Pro CLA-10 studio monitors.
      There is a pare of them stacked upon each sub.
      And I have them wired in parallel to each channel of my vintage stereo receiver.
      But the monitors and subs are in an angle.
      I done this because, sometimes, I use that system back there, to remaster old records and tapes.
      I don’t think I’m running in to any sonic problems here.
      But I wanted to find out what your take is on my set up.
      Thanks in advance!

        1. Good afternoon Secretguy!
          Thanks man!
          I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my set up.
          But if there was, perhaps you could point it out to me.
          But sense you told me pretty much, that there is nothing wrong with it, I’ll just leave it the way I got it sat up.
          If it aint broke, don’t fix it.
          So ya, I’ll leave it just the way it is.
          Again, thanks man!

  3. Normally that is correct but not all speakers with built in sunwoofers are created equal. My NHT 2.9 and 3.3 are designed to be placed close to the front fall which loads the side firing subwoofers and where the imaging also works best with NHT’s proprietary Focused Image Geometry design meant for real world applications in normal living rooms. I love these speakers. I get perfect tonal balance, great accurate deep low bass and upper bass pitch and definition with the front 6″ bass coupler, highly revealing, and great imaging. Best speakers I’ever owned and heard.

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