Adjusting a subwoofer

November 2, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Okay, so you say put the sub where you are going to sit and move around the room to fine the bass you want. Then put that sub there.

    However, you mention how much better a pair of subs are for balancing the room load (and I have 2 JL Audio subs). the question is related to the whole "put the sub in your listening position". Do we place the first sub and then start the whole process again for the second sub? Would this second sub not affect the placement of the first sub???


  2. As you may know, Rel only makes Subwoofers. If you go to their website, there’s a ton of information regarding setup, including crossover and gain settings. They also have a YouTube channel covering every aspect of subwoofers. I replaced two Klipsch subs with one Rel T/x7 and the difference was immediate and amazing.

  3. Super useful advice.
    I have only set the crossover at the -3dB point of my mains. Now I can get it even more better.
    And wake up the neighbour even more with Dead can dance. The live concert. Drum in a giant theatre wow. Phone rang. Sorry is it too loud? No. what is it. I want to buy your speakers.

  4. This may not sound practical to a lot of audiophile people, but I found that it does in deed work.
    Place a sub under each mane speaker.
    I'm talking stereo setups here.
    If your mane stereo speakers goes down to about 40HZ, cross the subs over a little lower then that.
    But if you have the right pare of subs, you mite be able to go down as low as 10HZ.
    But I found that, speakers that can go as low as 40HZ, you can cross the subs over to half of that which is 20HZ.
    But here is where having the right subs will pay off at.
    Some speakers can go as low as 20HZ.
    In this case, you want your subs to go as low as 10HZ.
    Not very many people can hear frenclicies down that low.
    Not that I'm bragging or bosting, but I can.
    And also at the same time, I can feel it too.
    So yes, get the best subs to go in with your mane speakers and set them up accordingly.
    You'll always be happy with the sound!

    1. John,
      You're much better off placing your subwoofers just behind, or right next to, your
      seating (sweet-spot) position than to put them under your main loudspeakers.

      1. Good morning Marten!
        I both know and understand what you're telling me about how to setup subwoofers and mane speakers.
        But let me ask you a right to the point question.
        I'm thinking about speakers that are made by a trio of speaker companies here in the United States.
        Golden Eare Polk Audio and Definitive Technology.
        What all three of these speakers have in common with each other is, the powered subwoofers are built in to the same cabinets as the mane speakers.
        It was a little more then 24 years ago when I heard all three of the speaker pairs that were made by all three companies.
        They looked at the "what if" scenarios.
        One of them that they took a very close look at, is, "what if you don't have enough space?"
        While one company built their subs in to the sides of their speaker cabinets, the other two built their subs in to the front of their cabinets just below the mid ranges and tweeters.
        But if you didn't have the money to buy a pare of speakers that are built the way as the ones that I spoke of above, then you could by a pare of either 2-way or 3-way speakers and a pare of powered subs and stack the mane speakers on top of them, and still be able to get the same results.
        This is where my question comes in to play at.
        Let's just say that, you're preparing a mill.
        You are seasoning the food to taste.
        And you already kno that it's not going to taste exactly the same way to others, as it will to you.
        If everybody doesn't have the same taste buds, you also know that, not everybody is going to hear things the same way you hear them either.
        So, wouldn't it make a lot of sense to set your stereo system up judging by your own taste or likes?

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