ADCs vs. DACs

June 9, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

7 comments on “ADCs vs. DACs”

  1. Agree with everything Paul said until a more modern conversion is going to be better. Too often more modern conversions (while using better ADCs) are either victims of the loudness wars, or remastered in ways not to my taste.

    But done right the difference can be stunning.

  2. Just as important at least is the recording engineer. In the early 80s I borrowed a second generation, non over sampling Technics CD player from Technics and wrote an early article for Stereophile. All I had to play at 1st was a Technics demo CD. The sound was good for taking paint off the walls. I called Gordon Holt, still editor then, and he advised contacting a west coast CD recording company(I forgot their name) and they sent a few classical recordings. It was heaven. the sound was good and enjoyable. I suspect the CDs would sound good, even better today, on the newer CD players. It seems it took a while for some recording engineers to learn how to master CDs and I guess it wasn’t the same as mastering an LP.

  3. Well Paul, at 3 min 35 seconds….it could be worse, you could be running the U.S. of A….. not to worry, you are not even close….

  4. Paul, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have been shouting “Delta-Sigma Modulation” at the video to try and help you out, but you didn’t hear me. Just keep on going going on. You’re daily sustenance.

      1. Good morning Paul!
        No disrespect here, but not all DAC’s are created equally.
        The reason that I’m pointing this out to you, is this.
        I own a pare of active speakers that have a DAC built in to them.
        Yay thoe, I have them hooked up to my computer via the USB cable that came with them, I can’t play DSD threw them.
        Just as soon as they see a DSD audio file coming at them, they stop playing.
        Sure, I can play PCM wave files threw them, all day long until the cows come home.
        But in some cases, I can get Foobar2000 to play a DSD file threw them.
        But, along the way, my DSD files, gets converted to PCM.
        I wish Paul W. Klipsch was still alive.
        I truly believe that, he would have figured out how to make the DAC’s that are built in to all the Klipsch active bookshelf speakers, work and play together nicely with DSD files.

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