Active loudspeakers

October 27, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

8 comments on “Active loudspeakers”

    1. They’ll be partially active: bass and midbass. Tweets and mids need separate amplification. Designed by Arnie Nudell. First big model (7.5′ tall, 12 12″ woofers, 7,000 watts bass amplification, line array tweeters and midranges) something under $100K. Next model out on the other end of the spectrum, still full range floor stander – something under $10K for the pair.

      1. Yes Paul, I like the new intro tune too!
        What you’re talking about I’ve done in my garage, but I certainly wouldn’t call it anywhere near “high end”, more low-if with iPad and active speakers. Used to be wireless, but plugged in now so I can go wi-if to the Internet. It’s great while working in my workshop. – simple. I’d do it in my bathroom too soon, but the listening room is sacrosaint. Active speakers have their place. I really liked the Acoustats at the time.

        P.S. How’s your autobiography coming along? Really, really enjoyed your over seas Army experiences a while back. Keep up the writing – very enjoyable and informative.

        1. Thanks! Confessions of an audiophile is in the editing process. I have engaged a wonderful editor, Richard Lehnert who edits Stereophile and he’s put me to the task with over 400 comments and requests for change in the first half of the book. All for the better. Thanks for asking.

      2. Yeah, for sure. But but my budding audiophile 10 year old granddaughter will have to learn the new tune. She always comes running when she heard the old one and she has already planned our summer road trip to Boulder from Austin, TX. I hope to make it so. So I think it would be safe to assume that your new speakers under development will be optimized for the BHK 250/300 amps for the passive drivers. Those will be awesome I am sure but I may not personally get to love them at home.
        The next model of speakers is more possible. I’m getting real close to pulling the trigger on a pair of BHK 300 amps.

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