Absolute polarity: how important is it?

October 7, 2017
 by Paul McGowan

3 comments on “Absolute polarity: how important is it?”

  1. Never had such a clear description of polarity... thank you. Personally, I can't hear the difference and the only way I prescribe to polarity when attaching speakers is to always connect the copper-colored half of my speaker wire to the positive node, and the silver wire to the negative node. (Obviously out of my league here, surrounded by full audiophiles... Lol)

  2. Hi Paul, I love the videos.

    I have gone through my collection in Audirvana and fixedall of the music that is out of polarity to invert polarity in the meta notes. I find that if all you listen to is proper polarity... new music that is out of polarity is very easy to spot. I would think if you don't have your software automatically changing for you... you probably never fully adapt one way or the other. I have adapted and am very happy that 1/2 of my collection sounds much better. 🙂

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