58 year old ears and high end

June 20, 2022
 by Paul McGowan

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  1. Best audio upgrade EVER!! 😉

    I’m 62 & not hearing much above 13.3kHz but the music still sounds great!

    Hey Paul, what happened to that washboard stomach that you were
    showing-off to us all in late 2020?
    I’ll bet it’s that pizza oven of yours…right? 😀

  2. Your ears will still know great equipment from crap. If great equipment is effected by your old ears crap equipment will be even more effected. Yes your ears adapt.

  3. Best Audio upgrade 3 months ago for these 71y/o ears was the purchase of a pair of Signia BT, rechargeable, In-The-Ear, hearing aids! My hi-freq loss is back and I’m able to enjoy the full range of music playback! Should’ve made this upgrade a couple of yrs ago!

    1. I’ve been suggesting to Paul that ‘PS Audio’ look into designing high-
      end, audiophile grade, hearing aids…he’s at the right age to do so 😉

  4. A hearing aid isn’t a high fidelity piece of equipment. It just makes things louder. You can raise the volume if loudness is the problem. I wouldn’t use a hearing aid for listening to my system. It will reduce my system to the fidelity of the hearing aid which isn’t as good as my system. I don’t think those designing hearing aids are considering us audiophiles. Maybe a good headphone company will design a high fidelity hearing aid but then again you would be enslaved to the sound characteristic of the hearing device unless it’s completely neutral.

    1. Cleaning your ears properly will help. A good ear Doctor can safely do this. Never stick a Q-tip too far in your ears. Your eardrum is the best component in the audio chain and you don’t want to damage that. You can replace components, you cannot replace your eardrum yet. Maybe someday.

      1. Hello Joe one thing I somewhat disagree with you on is ONLY you! not a doctor, policeman, or even Paul Mc Gowan can tell how much water pressure is suffice for you. That is why I have been cleaning my own ears for 40 plus years. I often had pain when the doctor “irrigated” my ears with the pressurized watering device. I will let you in on a little secret that may save you enough money to purchase a P20 if you do this early enough in life. You can purchase an ear wax bulb syringe and use a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide in one ear. Lay down on couch watch television for 15 minutes with ear facing up to keep liquid inside until it stops bubbling. Use warm water and rinse many times. Repeat with other ear. And UNDER NO circumstances should you ever use “Assured” brand Q tips. I bought these once at a dollar store. The cotton came off and had to go to doctor to remove. I know you should not use them but sometimes yours ears itch. I rarely use Q tips anymore just use them to clean up audio components and circuit boards

        1. Yeah I use Q-tips for those purposes too. And also not too far in the ear. I do have one of those blue bulbs somewhere and peroxide as I did try what you described and it worked pretty good. Thanks for reminding me. I will search around for it.

    2. As I said, the hearing aids for me were the best investment I’ve made to date for this 50yr Audiophile. The BT aides have amplitude & tone adjustments as well, and I can dial the system in, nicely. Raising the volume level of my highly resolving system to enjoy the upper freq’s without the aides would mean sharing my listening experience w the nextdoor neighbors. I’ve re-discovered my music library and couldn’t be more happy w the new found dynamic range thx to the Signia’s.
      Aurender A30/BHK 300’s/Von Schweikert VR 55’s/Silversmith Fidelium Spk Cables/MasterBuilt IC’s.

      1. I was speaking for myself. If it works for you that’s great. I’m a purest, it’s not for me. If my hearing gets worse I will raise the volume or install a quality equalizer in my system. I’m not saying I won’t consider a hearing aid, just not for listening to my system.

            1. Hi bornie,
              You’re not the only one who has benefited from the use of hearing
              aids to improve their enjoyment of music…whatever works.
              And don’t let guys like ‘Joe’ put you off coming here & commenting.

          1. It’s why I said you cannot replace the eardrum just yet and also did say in the future they might be made neutral to not effect the sound of my system in which I might consider one if I need it.

            Not sure why bornie gets his panties in a bunch because someone else don’t care to use a hearing aid and prefers other alternatives at the moment. I said if it works for him great. Doesn’t work for me right now. Moreover my hearing is still pretty good so thankfully no need to play my system too loud to compensate and no need for the use of an equalizer either.

            Hopefully my hearing stays flat to 15khz. I used to be able to hear sounds beyond 20khz. Found out when I told a technician that I was hearing a high pitch sound coming from a TV 40 years ago. He said you’re hearing something above the human hearing.

            1. Hi Joe,
              I think that ‘bornie’ was just having a joke,
              hence the “Haha” at the end of his reply.
              I usually just put a ‘winky face’ at the end
              if I’m breaking someone’s balls for a laugh.
              Sometimes it’s hard to figure out when we
              message each other.

              I’m down to a peak of 13.3kHz.
              Time marches on.

              1. It would be funny if I wasn’t divorced. My wife cannot tell me anything anymore. Paid all the child support and she owes me a fortune from the extra things I did for her out of the goodness of my heart. Could have bought the FR30 and a nice BHK amplifier if I had that money. So she doesn’t say a thing. She’s speechless. We get along pretty good though but I bought off the nagging. 🙂

                  1. No problem FR. That’s an old photo of better times. Both my kids are grown up and they’re on their own now and doing good. My son and I work at the same company. He’s a technology, quality control and mechanical engineer. We are still a close family and my ex still attends family gatherings on my side and we even have gone out together to concerts and other events. Just couldn’t keep it together or bring it back together. Came close but then it fell apart. Covid was a dagger. I can tell she still cares about me as I do her and both are sorry for what happened. Just can never be as it once was. In some ways I like it like this better and other times I miss when we were a family. Sometimes I wonder if we reunited if the pain will go away. I don’t think so. Trust is gone and that’s a tough barrier to overcome. Like sir Paul said. Let it be.

                    1. Should have mentioned my daughter in the photo too, a former NFL cheerleader who has been in law enforcement about 7 years now after getting a degree in criminal justice. So proud of my children. Whoever said time flies wasn’t kidding. Savor all the good times.

                    2. Hello psycho Joe!
                      How’s my bitch going?
                      Am I still inside your head??
                      “You’ve got me under your skin,
                      You’ve got me deep in the heart of you…” 😉

                      You accuse ‘bornie’ of getting his panties in a bunch when he is having a light-hearted joke with me…HE IS REPLYING TO ME & NOT TO YOU & then you go & get your panties in an even bigger bunch.
                      I’m calling you out for being a hypocrite.

                1. You are not alone Joe many of us have experienced the family court Judicial system. Not a pleasant place for anyone to be. Thank Goodness for music it reduces a lot of stress and allows of to forget and enjoy the “here and now”

                    1. my head was spinning most of my daughters younger years. She is graduated last year and living with me. At the risk of being sexist (my experience only) family courts are Pro Women. They are starting to make progress for men but much too slowly. and the children suffer in the long run. My Ex has 4 daughters and none will speak with her and court systems have failed. Even though other party was proven abusing physically and emotionally throughout the years nothing was ever done. The same treatment from a man would have yielded jail time and no parental rights. The most a guy can ask for is 50%. anyway….. back on track…ah yes hearing aids don’t need them yet but protect what you do have. I do notice loud good quality volume is much easier on the ears than a small distorted amp. For the most part I stay away from Loud concerts. U tube is a God send since you can view your favorite concerts and save your hearing and lungs. Last concert I was at was Rolling Stones in the Metro dome here in Minneapolis many years back.

                    2. I agree with you about the courts Jim. I had a fair outcome and could have done better but we don’t all have the money Johnny Depp has…lol. I will end it there on the divorce courts or the intolerant politically incorrect censor police will come down on me…lol. They say they are the party of tolerance but they really are not. Only tolerant when you agree with them. Showing at the SCOTUS where they are illegally protesting outside judges homes and nothing is done about it. Caught one of them in an attempted assassination of Kavanaugh. Abortion never was a Constitutional right. It was wrongly written. The right to life that includes the unborn is in the Constitution. Should remain with the States and not centrally governed by the federal government. Don’t like the laws of your State move to another one. Just don’t force them on me and force tax payers to pay for abortions. They are also trying to centralize elections and everything else while altering the Constitution. Flood the country with illegal aliens to vote for them in exchange for free stuff paid by the tax payers. I’m a member of that party still but won’t vote for them until they change direction and stop trying to transform the country into something the American people don’t want. They will hear it in November.

                      I saw the Stones too last year with their new drummer. Saw them 3 other times with Charlie. Amazing the energy they still have at their ages. I still go to a lot of concerts including cover band shows. But like you I like the sanctuary of my system. What they charge for these concerts are also out of control. It’s why I prefer cover bands. Only about 20.00. Soon all the bands I like will be cover bands as they are dropping like flies now.

                    3. Hello Joe
                      There was no “reply” button on your last comment but yes I agree with you on many of the political items also. Not sure if we are heading down the right or wrong path politically or morally (Urkraine war) I was in the Army many moons ago so am mixed about many things right now. At least with D.T. we were heading towards making more items in the U.S. instead of being “dependent” upon others for fuel ect. Anyways before I anger someone I will stop and shift gears. We still have freedom of speech but if we aren’t’ careful we can be booted from F.B. ect like some politicians That Stones concert has so many overindulgent people being hauled out in stretcher it was very surprising. I learned many years ago at an OZZY Osbourne concert in Arizona that over intoxication is bad for memory and the memory of a concert is a very pleasant thing as you age so doesn’t make sense to do this as you won’t remember things as clearly as you could have. As for that court circus yes I can imagine how much that will cost both Dep and his Ex. I really don’t know all the details of that story but she really plays the B word to a T. Nice chatting with you Joe.

                    4. Yes I agree Jim. A country cannot survive unless they are energy independent and they produce products. Our money isn’t backed by gold and you see how that can effect inflation. The dollar is backed by the promise to produce goods. Even these car batteries are made in China. We need more made in the USA. More exports instead of imports. Need to close the trade gap. Keep tariffs on China or they will pass us both economically and militarily.

  5. adults over 50 without any damage caused by exposure to “loud” sounds, typically have upper range of 15 to 17kHz. some folks lose high end and low end. some dont.

    sounds produced with most musical instruments (fundamental) are up to the 6 kHz range. the highest fundamental note on a violin is at just over 3.5kHz ( and about 4.5kHz playing artificial harmonics). piano to bout 4.2kHz. above that are certainly harmonics. but fundamentals lie below the 6kHz range for most all instruments. so if you can hear above 12kHz. well. you are pretty much getting all the music! minus some very high harmonics. just my perspective.

  6. I too have old ears and they are attached to an old body. I have a pretty good kit for music at home. However, what I am most proud of is I can be walking down a street or in a subway terminal and can nearly always tell that the music I am hearing is a live performance or recorded. I think that is more important to my enjoyment than the missing top end due to hearing loss. Try to get equipment that can more or less make you believe you are hearing live music and not worry too much on what you may be missing. The closer to live the better.

  7. “Oh no no no, I do’nt smoke it no mo; I’m tired of waking up on the floor…”
    – cheech and chong? 😉

    Please correct my attribution

  8. The more resolving (better) the equipment, the “more” better your ears let you hear. Get the most resolving equipment you can afford, no matter your hearing loss……maybe headphones might be for you???? With a subwoofer or two at your feet. Separation, with heart pounding feeling. Maybe a comparison might be “my lung capacity is less than it used to be, so I need less oxygen”

    (for John above) thinkin “not” cheech and chong, maybe ringo?? Jeeeeez, all three of them. LOLOLing

  9. Old ears here, subjected to decades of sitting next to loud drummers and a high note trumpet player, plus Nitro dragsters….so loss (Both high and low, esp in one ear) plus tinnitus. Still…stereo sounds good. I tilt the balaces about 1.5 db or so and we’re good to go.

  10. I hear out of one 78 year-old ear and use a set of hearing aids that boosts the high frequency cut-off point and transfers sound wirelessly from the deaf side to the good ear (CROS). I believe my brain has adjusted to this and that I can discern where sounds are coming from – to a degree. Also, my experience of what live music using hearing aids sounds like, e.g. in a concert hall, enables me to compare what that same music would sound like coming out of a high-end or any other stereo system.

      1. Signia Pure Charge&Go 3Nx for the good (right) ear and a CROS Pure Charge&Go Nx transmitter for the deaf (left) ear. Yes, all managed by a professional audiologist. I have three programs to choose from: Universal for everyday use; Noisy environment, e.g. a restaurant; and Music, which I actually find is a little too “bright”, so tend to use the Universal setting for listening to all my PS Audio gear – not speakers yet.


  11. +1 with hearing loss, severe in one ear. Yet my music still pleases me as it did.
    So many of our body parts are in pairs. It seems that one is enough, the other a spare.

  12. Dedicated listening room? Well, there won’t be any audience, customers or general ‘other people’ to distract from the sounds you’re listening to for starters. And secondly…volume knob.

  13. Given that there are quite few studies coming out showing that frequencies above the range of audible human hearing can affect the way we perceive music in the “normal” range (possibly due to the effects of harmonics), I think that unless your hearing is severely damaged, you can enjoy most decent, hi-end sounds. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0095464#:~:text=The%20hypersonic%20effect%20is%20a,physiological%2C%20psychological%20and%20behavioral%20responses.

  14. Hearing loss and tinnitus can alter music appreciation . The impaired ear may exhibit hypersensitivity and overload and loudness growth is altered especially when the level of the music is elevated.
    A hearing aid resides as a mechanism of transmission of sound to the impaired ear. Thus the “ coloration” of the music by the hearing aid is then transmitted into the impaired ear.
    Difficult to say if the combination of hearing assist via amplification and hearing loss sounds better than without the use of the prosthesis!

    In an “attempt” at clarification commentators have addressed this problem. However quoting the findings of Fletcher and Munson does not address how the impaired ear functions when frequency and intensity are altered ( if that is even understood by the commentators who use this example).

    So , in sum, then, we must deal with hearing loss as well as the acoustic experiences prior to the onset impaired hearing.

    From my personal experience an expense amplifier does not mask tinnitus nor correct for the idiosyncratic behavior of the impaired ear!

  15. I have a pair of phonak audio hearing aids. It makes a huge difference. All good hearing aids are “tuned” to adjust for a persons loss across frequencies. I do wish a company would develop a hearing aid that was built for audiophiles. It might be the most important component in the chain. Without hearing aids I believe the industry might not be quite so viable long term. I hope we can continue with this important topic including hearing aid models that others have.

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