Opening Salvo

It’s Showtime!

Welcome to Copper #78!

This first Florida Audio Expo took place over this last weekend. I’ll have a report on the show in a future issue, as I’m always willing to sacrifice my personal comfort to explore the audio show world on behalf of Copper readers.


Larry Schenbeck brings us hot music to overcome the polar vortex; Dan Schwartz recalls his dadRichard Murison writes about the fascinating/bewildering—see, two states at once!–realm of quantum mechanicsJay Jay French recounts a story that sends chills down his spineRoy Hall tells us about life in a small Scottish town; Anne E. Johnson assures us that, yes, Eurythmics did have life after “Sweet Dreams”; Anne also brings us recent recordings of works by Élisabeth Jacquet de la GuerreChristian James Hand deconstructs Meat Loaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”; and I try to breathe, and conclude the Vintage Whine look at Fairchild.

Industry News brings us sad news about a well-respected industry pro, and our friend Tom Methans looks back at the origin of his Audio Love. Woody Woodward will return next issue.

Copper #78 wraps up with Charles Rodrigues looking at nomenclature, schmolenclature, and an unusual Parting Shot by Assistant Editor Maggie McFalls, from right here in Colorado.

Enjoy, and we’ll see you soon!

Cheers, Leebs.