Issue 29

Opening Salvo: ...Out Like a Lamb?
The bizarre year proceeds apace as here in Boulder, we've had an uncommonly dry winter---as shown by the wildfires west...
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Too Much Tchaikovsky: Bridges and Boundaries
Can we put Arnold S. on hold for a bit? I need to growl and shake my old chew toy,...
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Music, Audio, and Other Illnesses: Terry Riley
Which Terry Riley? I first heard A Rainbow in Curved Air before I heard Steve Reich, but I didn’t identify...
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The Audio Cynic: Who's Minding the Store?
Much has been made of the decline in number of independent audio retailers; blame for the phenomenon generally falls upon...
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Quibbles and Bits: Did Fred Flintstone Have Digital Audio?
I am listening to one of the earliest high-resolution digital recordings ever made.  It is an emotionally powerful recording, if...
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Twisted Systems: The Audio Tourist
[ To get perfectly nerdy: if you drew a Venn diagram showing the overlap between metal fans and audiophiles, the...
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Vintage Whine: The Old Ways
There is a certain pleasure to be found in driving a vintage car. Many have a purity of purpose and...
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Music to My Ears: James Cotton:
Mr. Superharp!
We lost James Cotton on Thursday, March 16, 81 years old.  The last breath of a monster harp player with...
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Something Old / Something New: Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
Album: Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free Artist: Akron/Family Release: Deep Oceans Records, May, 2009 One minute into the six minute long,...
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High Society: River City Audio Society
San Antonio, Texas
The March meeting of the River City Audio Society in San Antonio, Texas took place at longtime dealer, Bjorn's. The...
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Industry News: Radio Shack Declares Bankruptcy (Again);
Sonos Wins Suit Against Denon/D+M
General Wireless Operations Inc. Commences Voluntary Chapter 11 Proceeding [As you can imagine, it's not good when a press-release reads...
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Featured: The Answer Man
Part 2
Your Questions – My Answers, continued Continuing our look at some of the most discussed topics/questions at my audio seminars...
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In My Room: Four Ways, No Waiting
I'd prefer not to dwell too much on the name brands of electronics (of the front end, but sure, as...
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Parting Shot: Sardinia
We travel the world for PS Audio because there are Audiophiles in every corner of the globe. But sometimes we...
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