In My Room

In My Room


In November, 2015, with the kids grown and out of the big house, we moved to a smaller home situated on nearly two acres in north-west Goshen, Indiana. My music room occupies the north end of the west half of my basement, in a room that is 44′ 7″ X 13′ x 7′ 4″.

The front face of my Von Schweikert Audio VR-55 Aktive’s are 78″ from the front walls, with the back outside corner 19″ from the side wall, and the front outside corner 24″ from the side wall, positioning them some 8′ 2″ apart, tweeter center to tweeter center. The prime listening area is centered roughly 10′ back from the plane of the tweeters.

Room taming is achieved with the use RoomTunes Corner Tunes, and the stunningly effective Shakti Innovations Hallographs. I am using a set of 6.5′ tall Cascade Audio Engineering Corner Traps behind the Hallographs, in the two front corners, and Whisper Wedge diffraction panels at the first reflection point for the tweeters.

I also have employed two very large plants behind the speakers to afford a very effective diffraction/diffusion field in those rear corners. Further, the floor-to-ceiling shelving situated along the left side wall of the room (housing LPs and optical media) provides a diffraction/diffusion field along that wall to balance the openness afforded by several doorways as well as my desk, printer, and laptop stations.

Power to components in the listening room is fully dedicated, with a two separate, dedicated electrical runs, a 20-amp service for amplification, a second 15-amp service for all sources. All other devices in that room (lights, printers, computers, etc.) are on an entirely separate, isolated circuit. All circuits in the room were set up for proper ground and polarity.

Those who know me (or have read my work over the years) know that my system MUST be tonally accurate, strikingly neutral, stunningly transparent, and jubilantly musical. However, open, detailed, and layered soundstaging, combined with realistically sized and spatially accurate images, are every bit as important to me as truthful timbre and musical bloom. With the right recording, this system whisks you back to the venue or hall of the original performance for a spooky-real recreation of that event in the here and now.

I have had any number of audiophile and musician visitors’ remark on the power of the listening experience as witnessed from my chair. Musicians from any number of genres of music, from Salsa to Rock ‘n’ Roll to Classical, have actually wept after or during a listening session. Audiophiles of many years have remarked things like, “What more could you ask for,” and “I’ve never heard a rig sound ANY BETTER than this.”

While those are encouraging words, and seems to indicate that I’m doing the right things with component and cable selection and room set up, my system (every system? ;-D) must be seen as an continuous work-in-progress. Every once in a while, the addition of some new piece, be it a source, a cable, or an accessory, allows me to move just a little closer to that actual musical event. The journey continues…