Opening Salvo

After the Eclipse

Welcome to Copper #40!

The old expression “a miss is as good as a mile” seems to apply to the recent eclipse: those of us in the 90% range of totality were underwhelmed, while those who got The Full Monty talk about life-changing experiences, incredible emotionality, blah blah.

“Life-changing”? Sorry: my life has a lot of inertia, and it takes a lot to change it. Maybe I’ll see 100% in my old hometown of Carbondale, come the ’24 eclipse. Then we’ll see. ;->

I’m happy to welcome back our resident foodie Chloe Olewitz.  Just in time for summer’s end, Chloe explains the difference between ice cream, gelato, sorbet—all that frozen stuff. Chloe’s next piece will be about martial arts—so be nice!

Dan Schwartz is in the lead-off spot with the first in a series of articles on encounters–this one, with Jack Casady; Seth Godin tells us his favorite audio tweak; Richard Murison sends his compliments to two’s complement; Duncan Taylor writes about his new live-recording venue; Roy Hall tells about a family member with issues; Anne E. Johnson introduces indie artist Petite Noir; Woody Woodward looks back at Jethro Tull—and wrote while standing on one leg to get in the mood;  and I worry about devices that are smarter than their user, and take a look at Bang & Olufsen.

Industry News
 tells of —well, there’s so much going on, you’ll just have to read it;  Anne E. Johnson is back in Something Old/Something New, looking at recordings of the works of Frescobaldi Gautam Raja is back with a control issue; I finish my look around the California Audio Show; and Jim Smith looks at the high-end industry and doesn’t like what he sees; In My Room is the incredible story of a reader’s home-built pipe organ (!!)—and you’ll have to see it to believe it .

We wrap up Copper #40 with a classic cartoon from Charles Rodrigues, and another beautiful Parting Shot from Paul McGowan.

Until nest issue—enjoy!

Cheers, Leebs.

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