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White Glove Delivery

rsz_deliveryWouldn’t it be great if you ordered a new piece of PS Audio equipment direct from the factory and it was hand delivered, the box opened for you, the product placed exactly where you want it? That’s White Glove Delivery, a new service launched with the introduction of the BHK Signature Amplifier.

The BHK Signature stereo and mono amplifiers weigh a great deal: 95 pounds in the box, to be exact. Not all of us want to have our new just-delivered amplifier sitting on the front porch when we come home, and fewer still are excited about hauling the beast inside, unboxing it, lifting it in place. This work is hard and rarely done alone. With our introduction of White Glove Delivery all that has changed. Here’s how it works.

Request White Glove Delivery from us when ordering your new amplifier. The service is free and available only in the continental United States. It is currently offered only to customers who purchase directly from PS Audio.

Your new amplifier is shipped from the factory and you will receive notification of delivery times by phone or email. Local movers in your city will bring your new amplifier inside, unbox it, place the amplifier wherever you wish, pack up the box and either place it where you wish or recycle for you. If you arranged a trade in with us, the movers will box it up and return it to PS Audio for you. Nothing could be easier.

White Glove Delivery service is handled by professional, courteous moving experts and is available free on specified PS Audio products purchased directly from the factory.