Voltage regulation with greek PS Audio PPP - how??
  • Hi PS Audio community,

    I need some help with my new PPP. Due to insufficient tension out of my wall-sockets (between 204 and 220 Volts) if have to regulate the output voltage form my PPP foom 230 volts to 220 volts; however, I do not find the screw on the bottom of the PPP. I learned that the screw should be on the bottom in the front left of the heat sinks (with the PPP turned upside down). But there is definitively no screw. Can anybody help?

    Thanks a lot.
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    By the looks of it yours is a newer model. I've owned both early production and latest production PPP units, and from what I remember the 2 large fan inlets on the bottom are the clue here to which you have. And of course the letter after PPP contained in the serial number! It would still be handy to post pics of the location of the voltage adjustment screw for the different PPP series.
  • Yes, it is the big silver screw!! It's working perfectly even if the PPP does not succeed in regulating perfectly the output voltage to 220 volts due to the low input voltage. However I saw that due to the change of the output voltage from 230 to 220 volts the output THD dropped from 0,5 to 0,3%.

  • Hi,

    thank you very much. You mean it's the big silver one?

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    its the screw in the 3rd pic to the left of the fan. The recessed one
  • ...and a third one:
  • ...here's another pic:
  • Hi Paul.

    thank you for your help. I made some pictures from the bottom of my PPP and I was also looking with a torch; however, I still have the same problem. Maybe you could indicate the right position of the screw on the picture?

    Thank you!


    P.S.: yes I know what you're talking about, also my wife is calling me daily to get back home soon.... however, I guess that's how it should be ;-))
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    On the older models, I recall there's a hole. You need to use a slim screwdriver. Sometimes the adjustment screw inside is slightly offset, but you should still be able to use a screwdriver. Be careful when you adjust the screw. For best performance, the PPP Ex shouldn't cut or boost the power by more than about 12V or so, or the THD will suffer.
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    Paul, can you post a pic to the forum of where to look for this on all the PPP model variants?
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    It's there, you're probably not looking for the right thing. On some models it is in a hole on the bottom, on others it is a small hand turn screw that sticks out a little bit.

    It is usually closer to the front on the left side (as you face the front) and the hole is indented on most models. Look closely near the front half. If you can't find it at all I'll shoot a picture tomorrow. Right now I am being called home by the wife and, if you're married, you know what the consequences of being late are. :rolleye: