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Stellar Audio Beta Test

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Welcome to our Stellar beta test page. M700 Mono amp pairs are now gone. All Beta units will ship in January; full production units in March

As a reader of Paul’s Posts, you’ve been invited to participate in our Stellar line beta test. Beta testers are normally screened to ensure their systems are up to par for effective testing. With Stellar we are waiving the screening process. The idea behind Stellar is to represent an affordable high-end product that can be appreciated at any level. Thus, the beta testers themselves will become our screeners. You’re welcome to participate. Supplies are quite limited, so first come, first in. Good luck!

Stellar consists of three products—our Gain Cell DAC, the S300 Stereo Amplifier, and the M700 Monoblocks (please note: M700 monoblocks are all spoken for). As a beta tester, we encourage you to test whichever Stellar product (or products) best fits your needs and your system—choose any one Stellar product or a complete Stellar system. It’s your choice. Please note, however, that quantities are limited and once our beta slots are gone, they are gone. Please read below for our guidelines. Ready to lock in your beta slot? Select the product or product combo you would like and proceed with the order as normal.

All purchases come with a full 30-day money back return policy. Beta testers enjoy a 20% discount from retail in exchange for their time and posting an online review. Additional savings are available through our liberal trade in policy. Units scheduled for trade in need not be shipped back to PS Audio until you are satisfied Stellar is a keeper. The beta test program is open only to residents of the United States.

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Stellar Beta Test

Product Description

Here are the ground rules, and then instructions if you want to participate.

Beta Stellar units will ship out this month—January—and there will be a month or so of evaluation and comments, reviews by beta testers before we open pre-orders on March 1.

  • Beta units are 100% production ready units
  • Beta units come with our standard 30-day buyback guarantee. If you don’t like it, return it for a full refund
  • Special pricing is available on beta units, and trades will be accepted too
  • We have a limited amount of betas and they will go quickly
  • If we make changes based on our beta tester feedback, beta units are eligible to be updated

Here are the rules:

  • Beta testing is open only to US residents.
  • You will be asked to purchase the beta unit before we ship. If you have a trade-in product, regardless of the manufacturer, we will buy it back from you now, and allow you to keep the unit during the beta period for comparisons if you wish.  We offer our full refund policy if you’re not happy
  • You are required to write a review on this forum of your experience with Stellar

If you’re interested:

  • Select the Stellar product(s) you are interested in beta testing and proceed with the order through our website as normal

This is going to happen quickly:

  • Do not delay. In the past, we’ve had many more applicants than beta units. Once the available beta units are sold, there won’t be more until full production in March.

Good luck!

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