The Premier Power Plant

The Premier Power Plant is capable of handling many medium sized AV systems to perfection, the Premier can provide pure sine wave power that makes for a remarkable listening or viewing experience in your home.

Why a Power Plant?

Power conditioners and filters do just what their names imply: they condition and filter.

The Power Plant Premier is neither a conditioner nor a filter.  In fact, the Power Plant Premier does just what its name implies: generates new AC power just like the generating station powering your home right now.

This fundamental difference sets the Power Plant Premier apart from any power conditioner or filter in the world.  By installing a Power Plant Premier you can power your system with the cleanest, purest power on the planet.

Your home’s power is bad 

Our home’s AC sockets do not produce pure AC.  In fact, what comes out of our receptacles is often distorted, noisy and at the wrong voltage. These distortions and AC problems result in poor performance for even the finest of equipment.

No power conditioner or filter made can fix these problems.  What you need is a regenerator to build brand new power out of the original and that’s just what a Power Plant does.

This unique device rebuilds the AC in your home by first converting the AC to DC and then back again to perfect AC.  Once rebuilt, the output of the Power Plant feeds everything in your system and provides regulated, low distortion sine waves from the AC wall socket; something no other power conditioner in the world can do.

If you are listening or viewing your system without the benefit of the Premier’s regenerated output, you are not getting all the promise your system is capable of delivering.

By generating new AC, the Premier produces up to 800 continuous watts of regulated power at an efficiency of 85% with little to distortion or noise.  The Premier has ten outlets, five IsoZones™, a built in power sequencer, THD analyzer, voltage meter, MultiWave, CleanWave and a remote control to access all the features.

The history of the Power Plant regenerator

The most important problems in AC Power delivery are voltage regulation, distortion-clipped sine waves, multiple harmonics, and noise. They are big challenges, to be sure. Realizing that no power conditioner made could solve these basic problems, PS Audio introduced to the world the idea of building new power from old power.

In 1997, PS Audio introduced the world’s first AC regenerator, the P300 Power Plant . The P300 was an instant hit among audiophiles internationally (with more than 3000 units in the field). It produced up to 300 watts of pure regenerated AC power.

In November 2006, PS introduced the first of the newest generation of Power Plant, the Premier, followed by the 2011 introduction of the PerfectWave P5 and P10 Power Plants .  When it launched, the Premier was superior to any model of Power Plant we had ever produced.  Now, with the introduction of the newest PerfectWave Power Plants, AC regeneration has taken an entirely new step forward into the future.

The technology

Think of the Power Plant in the same way its name suggests: a power generating station.  Inside the Power Plant is a very powerful amplifier fed by a low distortion sine wave generator.

The internal power amplifier’s output is what produces the AC power for your equipment and the sine wave generator feeds the input of this power amplifier with perfect AC.

Together, they produce up to 800 watts of pure continuous power with peaks of up to 50 amps.

At 800 watts of continuous power and up to 50 amps peak current, there’s enough juice for most medium sized AV systems. Whether it’s an audio based two-channel system or a video based multi-channel home theater, the Premier will power it with pure sine wave power.

MultiWave and CleanWave

One of the many features unique to Power Plants are their ability to produc e different pure waveforms. Unlike a power conditioner that only filters, Power Plants generate not only perfect sine waves but modified sine waves as well.

Why would you want to produce something different than what comes out of the wall?  Because many pieces of equipment, specifically power amplifiers, benefit greatly from longer charging times at their peak energy needs.  To provide this extended energy, you need to modify the waveform itself.  That modified waveform is called a MultiWave.

MultiWaves were designed for PS Audio by Northrop Grumman scientist Doug Goldberg. His invention revolutionized the AC power conditioning industry. Instead of the classic sine wave, we find advantages in connected power supplies by changing some of the sine wave’s parameters.

MultiWave just makes most systems sound even better than one can imagine.  MultiWave achieves this level of improvement by extending the charging time of the sine wave peak so attached power supplies have less ripple.

Yet another type of waveform option available on the Power Plant is called CleanWave and was invented by PS Engineering.  CleanWave “degausses” the magneticly coupled power transformers of attached equipment. It does this by varying the frequency and amplitude o f the sine wave in small bubble-like responses. This feature allows you to “clean” attached equipment whenever you wish; the improvement in performance is dramatic.

THD in and out

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) is a type of measurement generally associated with audio amplification products.  THD measurments can also be used to good advantage when it comes to AC power.  By measuring the THD of our home’s AC power we discover the quality of that power feeding our equipment.

If you read the literature of our competitor’s AC power product you will most likely never read any thing about THD; yet THD is a significant problem in AC.  So why don’t our our competitors talk about THD? There’s a very simple reason: their equipment cannot eliminate or even effect THD.  Only by rebuilding the AC and regenerating new power can you eliminate THD and only a Power Plant can manage to perform  this miracle.

To help demonstrate the effectiveness of the Power Plant we placed a true THD meter on the Premier. Now, for the first time, you can now see how our home’s power lines are polluted with 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and even higher harmonics as a result of AC sine wave distortion, common in everyone’s home. The Premier not only shows you how bad your AC is, you can also see to what extent the Premier is repairing the AC and eliminating the THD.  Proof of clean power.

Want more proof?  It’s easy to use the Premier’s THD analyzer to measure our competitor’s claims.  Simply insert any power conditioner or filter between the AC receptacle and the input of the Premier to see if there is an improvement.  There will not be.

Voltage In & Voltage Out

THD is just one problem found on the AC line.  Perhaps equally important is the actual level of voltage itself.  In North America we want t o feed our equipment with pure 120 volts.  In Europe and Asia we would like to see a pure 230 volts.  What we actually receive from the power company is usually not what we want and the power demands of our equipment make this situation even worse.

To show you what problems you have and how well the Power Plant fixes them, the Premier’s front panel allows you to measure both incoming and outgoing voltage, or you can monitor the difference between the two. If the line voltage is 110 volts, for example, the Power Plant will show an output voltage of 120 and a difference of +10. The +10 is what the Power Plant is adding to the output to keep the voltage steady.

While several of our competitors make long term regulators that either correct these voltage differences slowly (like the AVS 2000) or in jumpy steps like those found in a UPS or transformer based unit, they cannot react quickly when the voltage changes due to power amps and projector demands under real-world conditions. The Power Plant can.

Remote control

Perhaps the one consistent customer request we’ve had over the years is for a remote control to activate the different functions and display options. The new Premier has an included remote control that can change the display brightness, choose THD or voltage, select MultiWave or sine wave, and activate the CleanWave function.


The Power Plant Premier has 5 IsoZones feeding 10 Power Port receptacles.

An IsoZone is a separate differential mode filter.  Differential mode filters clean noises generated by the equipment itself .

Each of the 5 IsoZones on the Premier cleans and separates equipment noise.

All electronic equipment generates AC line noise, some more than others.  When you plug a digital device in the same receptacle as an analog device, the noise of one can interfere and contaminate the performance of the other.  To solve this problem, you need effective isolation between equipment.

The IsoZones use very short pieces of heavy gauge wire, wrapped around small high permeability magnetics to achieve a high level of separation as well as great performance with unrestricted power.

Power sequencer

It is essential that connected equipment be turned on in the proper order. Preamps, surround processors and sources of all kinds need to be turned on first, while power amplifiers, integrateds and receivers should be turned on last. 

In some cases, like that of a Tivo, hard drive music based systems or control setups, it is important to never lose power. The Premier’s rear panel power sequencer allows you to select any of the three available power zones and choose always on, switched on, or delayed on. With these choices, you can setup your system to automatically leave power on, toggle power via the front panel power button (or the remote), and delay the turn on sequence until the source equipment has been activated. 

12 volt trigger

The Power Plant also features two 12-volt triggers. These triggers will turn on or off the Premier remotely. Apply 12 volts at either trigger input and the Premier will sequence on the connected equipment.

Remove the 12-volts and the Premier will turn off the connected equipment. 12-volt triggers are commonly found on surround processors, receivers, automation equipment and some preamplifiers.

CATV, telephone

For those owners of complete AV systems that have connected video and telephone, the rear panel supports two sets of antenna, cable TV, satellite, and anything using a CATV connector or two sets of telephones. Anything plugged into these in/out connectors will be protected from high voltage spikes that can come through these connections.

Why compromise your system’s performance or safety?

Everything in your system is dependant on the quality of the power feeding it.  The power in your home is dirty, distored and uneven.  So why would you compromise when you can perfect that power by adding your own power generating station right in your home?

Knowing what you now know, we suspect you wouldn’t.  Conditioners and filters of all kinds are just partial fixes.  Band Aids at best.  Certainly they can provide a level of improvement and protection, but nothing even remotely close to what the Power Plant AC regenerator can and does for your system.

If you want the best for your investment, don’t compromise.  A Power Plant Premier is the answer.