High resolution digital music management and control for people who really love music

eLyric™ is PS Audio’s powerful music management and control programs designed for the serious music crowd.   eLyric Music Manager is our free desktop program that manages, controls and plays from your high-end music library in much the same way as Apple’s iTunes does and eLyric Controller is a handheld app from the iTunes store that gives you one-touch control over your entire library.  Both eLyric Music Manager and eLyric Controller are full featured and easy to use.

Manage and play your music from the PC

Note: if you are upgrading versions or are planning on using EMM with a PS Audio Network Bridge and PerfectWave DAC you will need to update your Bridge firmware as well.  The firmware upgrade is available through the front panel of the PWD if your Bridge is connected to the internet.

eLyric Music Manager is a powerful, convenient, well-supported and free desktop music manager, network UPnP server, and high-end player with USB Audio support.

eLyric Music Manager offers all the convenience of applications like iTunes, but with a host of extra features and compatibilities that people with high quality components and sophisticated musical tastes need-and haven’t been able to get yet.

Got a large digital music collection? A classical – or jazz-focused collection? A taste for hi-resolution audio? A network of high-end components, or perhaps just a high-end DAC connected with USB? Chances are, you need eLyric Music Manager to turn your collection into a convenient, easy to use listening paradise with no compromises.

eLyric Music Manager works on Windows (XP and higher) or Macs (Lion 10.7 or higher) and lets you to manage your impressive digital music collections in ways you couldn’t before, no matter what format, how large, or where you store them. It’s UPnP, USB and internal sound card compatible so you can stream your music through just about any high-quality hi-fi component or computer interface you want to connect in your network, or just simply play it on your computer or desktop speakers.

Best of all eLyric Music Manager (EMM) is free to download and use for the high-end community.  It works on anyone’s computer and you do not need PS Audio equipment to enjoy.  FLAC, ALAC, 192kHz 24 bit bit perfect support is included for any product you want to play to, from your USB enabled DAC to a simple pair of desktop speakers.




Control and play from your iPad, iPhone or Touch

With EMM on your desktop you can build playlists, stream music to any device or your computer using EMM’s built in high-resolution audio player.  If you prefer to run EMM from your mobile device, there’s an app for that!

eLyric Controller will help change the way you enjoy music in the comfort of your home or listening room.  Reference quality music streamed right into your high-end system and controlled from the palm of your hand.  eLyric Controller is a simple and easy-to-use UPnP™/DLNA® media program that lets you stream any resolution music to the PerfectWave Bridge. The controller works without the need for setup from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

This is high-end audio at its best.  eLyric Controller features full playlist support, radio tuner, cover art, local library access,  artistʼs bio and much more.  eLyric Controller is all you need to control your entire music library, build playlists and all without any performance compromises.

Touch a playlist and enjoy. No need to keep the device running because the entire playlist is instantly loaded onto your player. Just touch and play.

eLyric automatically discovers devices on your network without the need for any manual configuration.  Music libraries and Media DACS are discovered and can be selected with the touch of a finger. You can even select between multiple network music libraries and Media DACS.

eLyric Controller is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch products from the iTunes App store.  

You will need to upgrade your Bridge firmware if you are using eLyric 32 with a PerfectWave Bridge.  Updates are available through the front panel touch screen of the PWD.  If you need help let us know or read the instructions on our Knowledge Base by scrolling to near the bottom in the section PerfectWave Network Bridge.  If you are using eLyric Music Manager for any other application or just a player on your desktop you can ignore this.

Windows XP and higher are supported

Mac 10.6 and higher are supported

Mac Version: 0.32.03 – Download Count 13120
PC Version: 0.32.03 – Download Count 36431